What makes us different

The Sights 

It's not flashy. Sure, we have a really cool set in our worship room. There are even a few updated cabins that'll make you feel like you're at the Ritz, camp style. But there's no need to be flashy when creation speaks for itself. It’s our goal to not only get campers outside, but to also help them actually stop and experience the outdoors while they are here. Where else do you get to wake up to a view like this? 

The Smells 

It's not the mountains. Many people grow up going to summer camp in the mountains, experiencing fresh water streams, brisk evening trail hikes and the smell of pine and Timberland boots (ew!). Here at Camp Connect, we live life on island time. It's live oaks and spanish moss that surround our cabins. It's salt marsh under our feet when the tide gets high. It's the "different" drinking water that will keep the sand gnats at bay. (Really, you should try it). It's the overwhelming salty smell as you cross the causeway with windows down, overlooking St. Simons Island just ahead, that tell you you're truly home.

The Sounds  

It's not the constant beep of a cell phone notification or teachers asking for homework. It's quiet mornings watching the dolphin head up the Frederica River. It's loud chanting right before the Morning Show. It's splashing in the ocean, crashing waves at the beach and crackling fires with roasted s'mores. It's heart to heart talks with your cabinmates and counselor. It's screaming for your team to find the flag and get it across the line. It's voices lifted together with guitars, drums and keyboards in the background, worshiping the great Creator.   

The Souls 

It's not about us. It's about every single camper that enters our camp for the first time, the third time, or the eighth time. Our goal is to show each camper the love of Christ. To help them know they matter to God, and to us. To create life-changing moments in the small things of everyday camp life. The life-saving grace of Jesus Christ has touched the lives of each of our staff and we want others to experience it. If campers leave on Friday knowing they were created for a purpose and are loved unconditionally, we have done our job.

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