Camp Policies

Please review all applicable camp policies with your child before attending camp.

Policy Form & Insurance
*Required* Print off and sign The Camp Connect Policy and Procedures Form and email to with a clear copy of the front/back of the camper's insurance card. Include camper's name and camp session name in email.

Eligibility for Enrollment 
To be eligible for enrollment in the Summer Camp program of the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, a camper must meet the following requirements:
1) A camper must be entering the 4th-5th grades for elementary camp, entering the 6th-8th grades for Middle School camps, and entering 9th-12th for High School Camp.
2) A camper must be of good character and maturity for his or her age.
3) A camper must meet health standards deemed appropriate by the Camp Ministry Team and disclose all past and present medical treatments before arriving at Summer Camp. Failure to provide full disclosure or to meet these requirements is grounds for immediate dismissal without refund.
ALL EVENTS are open to persons regardless of their nationality, race, religion, color, or gender.

Admission and Attendance 
ALL REGISTRATIONS are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Session fee covers the total camper expenses (food, lodging, program, insurance, and t-shirt). There is no discount or reduction of the tuition fee for any camper who arrives late, departs early or does not attend camp as scheduled. When it is necessary to dismiss a camper due to illness, any unused portion of the tuition is non-refundable.

The Summer Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss, without refund, any camper whose influence is not good for the camp. Fighting, harassment, bullying, use or possession of drugs (any kind) or alcoholic beverages, or possessing a weapon are strictly prohibited and are grounds for dismissal. Campers will not be allowed to leave camp for any reason other than medical emergencies. If a camper must leave to attend a non-camp function, he/she will not be allowed to return, even if authorized by a parent or guardian.

FEE POLICIES: Registration will not be complete until the entire fee is paid with the completed application. Final payment must be received 2 weeks prior to camp OR SOONER if camp fills up and a waiting list starts. If a camp fills up, an email will be sent to those with outstanding balances to complete payment in order to stay registered.

$50.00 of your camp fee is non-refundable. To make notice of cancellation or change, you must contact the Camp Ministries office at (912) 638-8626 or in writing to CANCELLATION 2 weeks before camp session opening day = Total refund less $50.00. Within 1 week of camp session opening day = No refund. Due to illness prior to camp session opening day = Total refund less $50.00. Fees may be transferred to a NEW REPLACEMENT camper of the same gender in the same session if the registrar is notified prior to the first day of the camp.

Campers will be divided into teams of 18-20 campers. Groups are made on the basis of gender, age and school grade. Campers may request ONE roommate and that roommate must also request camper to be guaranteed. If more than one name is requested, only the first name will be taken into consideration. Roommate requests must be included with registration. Grouping Requests: As new friendships are encouraged, groups of three or more will typically be divided. For groups that want to be together, the best option is to choose 1-2 roommates and contact them to make the same request on their registrations. If "circle requests" are made (Camper A requests Camper B; Camper B requests Camper C; Camper C requests Camper D, etc), there is a chance that none of the requests will be met. 

Spending Money 
Extra spending money is used for the camp store and Epworth gift shop. Parents are requested to send additional cash with their child. A maximum of $30 is suggested for each camper.

The South Georgia Conference and Summer Camp staff are not responsible for lost items. We recommend that NO valuable items be taken to camp. Items such as cell phones, electronic games or equipment should also be left at home. DO NOT BRING skateboards, cell phones, tablets, smart watches, valuables, weapons of any sort -- they are NOT permitted in camp. We recommend that all items be labeled and identified with the camper's name. Please do not send expensive items/clothing to camp, which can be damaged, lost or stolen.

Medical Needs and Attention 
All medication (prescription and over-the-counter) must be turned in at registration in its original container, including the Physician's instructions for dosage on the label. Medication in pill boxes will not be accepted.

LIMITED CAMP INSURANCE is provided for persons in case of accident or illness while at camp. This insurance is secondary coverage, with the family's insurance as primary. If a camper has no insurance, the camp insurance is primary. Parents will be notified in cases where professional care is needed. We require

Telephone & Communication 
Phones are not available for use by campers. If there are any situations regarding your camper while at camp that you need to be made aware of (medical issues, severe homesickness, etc) we will call you. If you need to reach your child immediately because of a situation at home, please call the camp office at (912) 638-8626. For after hours emergencies, contact Epworth By The Sea at (912) 638-8688. Thank you for trusting us with your camper.

Parents may send letters to their camper. Please make sure all letters are postmarked by Monday or before of their camp week, and clearly print your child's name and camp name (i.e. "Middle School Camp 2") on the envelope. If letters are received after camp session is over, there is no guarantee they will be forwarded to the home address. Send mail to the following address:
Camper Name
Camp Name (ie Elementary Camp 2)

PO Box 20408
St. Simons Island, GA 31522

We know that in today's culture many of our campers and parents stay in daily communication via cell phones. We also understand the trust that you are placing in us by allowing your camper to come to camp without his/her cell phone, and we want to make sure you understand why we have this policy. We believe that there is a very real value in your camper spending a week unplugged and disconnected from his/her digital life. We believe that taking time off from our phones, computers, social media, video games, etc can open up the space in our minds and hearts to hear and feel God at work.

At Camp Connect, campers experience the companionship of other campers and are led to acquire skills that improve self-confidence, increase self-reliance and enhance the ability to cooperate with others. Being away from your child can be difficult on both the parent/guardian(s), as well as the campers; however, visiting can cause many disruptions in their acclimation into the camp environment. Because of this, we do not allow any outside visitors during the camp session.  

Drop Off & Pick Up 
Parents, please check your schedules and dates to insure that your campers arrive at camp and are picked up on time. All camps will begin at 3:00 pm on Monday and conclude at 11:00 am on Friday (no lunch is provided on Friday). 

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