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Letter to applicants

To all Leadership Team applicants,

The summer of 2020 was unlike any summer we've experienced at Epworth By The Sea in the 70 years since our summer camp began. Our cabins were empty, our staff was minimal and the very limited programming we could do was just But we learned a lot. We learned that we can adjust our plans on a dime and figure out ways to minister to kids in the midst of a crushing pandemic. And so we did. 

Our hope for the summer of 2021 is to return to a FULL summer of overnight camps and that is exactly what we're planning for. We also know we cannot predict the subsiding, or even the ending, of a pandemic and so we will hold our plans loosely and feel confident that we can adjust as needed, and do it well. 

College students bring LIFE to our ministry and we cannot do without you! God is faithful and is going to continue changing lives through the ministry of Camp Connect and YOU have the opportunity to be a vital part of it! 

We're not looking for super saints. We're looking for Jesus followers who desire to connect kids with Christ and see lives changed. Yours included.

For more information about applying for staff, click here.

Suzanne Akins, Director of Camp Connect

fb/ig: @campconnectumc 

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